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SFP+ Plus Transceiver

This SFP Plus Transceiver(SFP+) is comply with Fast Ethernet Standards and up to 10.3Gbps data rate, just suggests by the name, it is high performance, cost effective module supporting 300M~80KM transmission distance, also, the SFP Plus Transceiver(SFP+) is small form factor pluggable module plus for bi-directional serial optical data communications. It is also hot plug capability with LC connector, the SFP Plus Transceiver(SFP+) has more compact size and measurement than former X2, XENPAK and XFP as it is the upgraded version of SFP, this sure enable SFP Plus Transceiver suitable for more dense installations.

Digital diagnostic functions is built in the SFP Plus Transceiver Module(SFP+), the power consumption is always less than 1W and its excellent EMI performance allow system design with high port density.This transceiver not only compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10BASE-LR/LW but also the SFP+ Electrical MSA SFF-8431 and SFP+ Mechanical MSA SFF-8432. This is an green product which compliant the RoHS and it will certainly be the replacement for the SFP Transceiver Module in next few years. 

All our SFP Plus Transceiver Module (SFP+) is 100% compatible with major brands like Cisco, Dell, H3C, Huawei and so on.  Also, not all our products and brands are in the list, if you can't find the model which you need, please feel available to contact us.


SFP plusSFP plus
SFP transceiver SFP+ XENPAK GLC-SX-MM DC-DC Converter SFP plus