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XFP Transceiver Module

Our XFP Transceiver is also a small form factor hot pluggable module, its maximum link length is 300m by MMF and 10km~80km by the single mode, it is for the  10GBASE-LR/LW 10G Ethernet and 1200-SM-LL-L 10G Fibre Channel.XFP Transceiver's power dissipation is less than 2W and with dual LC interface. Usually there 4 types of XFP transceiver, XFP-10GB-SR(MM), XFP-10GB-LR(SM), XFP-10GB-ER(SM) and XFP-10GB-ZR(SM). All of them are standard bail release mechanism and digital diagnostic functions inside.

Mingo Technology provides high performance, cost effective transceivers which totally 100% compatible with major brands XFP module, also, not all our products and brands are in the list, if you can't find the model which you need, please feel available to contact us.


SFP plusSFP plus
SFP transceiver SFP+ XENPAK GLC-SX-MM DC-DC Converter SFP plus